Brand: Dr Neubauer
Product Code: Killer Pro
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Dr Neubauer Killer Pro 乒乓球 生膠 

The breakthrough for a fast, aggressive and disruptive game with short pimples

Our short pimple rubber KILLER turned into a worldwide best-seller within the last 2 years.

This new version named KILLER PRO comes with the same topsheet however it is laminated with a revolutionary new sponge.

This slightly harder combination enables to keep the disruptive effect obtained through blocking, counter-attacking and hitting while reaching higher speed.
Blocking will produce a low bouncing ball.

The disruptive potential of this rubber is also being unveiled while playing actively. Counter-attacking and straight hitting will produce a ball that somewhat “skids” over the surface of the table.

KILLER PRO enables to reach high speed thus producing a ball that is both very fast and low bouncing. 

KILLER PRO: A great weapon for the aggressive game with short pimples!

Speed: 98
Control: 92
Effect: 80

顏色 : 紅色/ 黑色

海綿厚度 : 1.3mm/ 1.5mm/ 1.8mm/ 2.0mm